Admission and Norms of Behaviour

Villa san Giacomo is a Catholic residence for university students.


We are pleased to accept applications from:

  • Young men and women of the Christian faith
  • At the beginning or mid-way through their university career
  • Preferably between 18 and 23 years old
  • Keen to share in the life of Villa San Giacomo
  • Possibly carrying a letter of recommendation from their parish priest or minister
  • Prepared to undertake an interview with the director either face-to-face or online, as agreed by email (write to

The assignment of the place refers to one academic year. However, admission can be confirmed until the completion of studies, depending on academic achievement and commitment to the College project.


Admitted students accept all the following conditions and rules of Villa San Giacomo, both in letter and in the spirit of goodwill in which they are set. They agree to adhere to Christian principles of morality and study.

  1. Community life begins on October 1 and ends on June 30, with Christmas and Easter holidays. Arrangements for regular visits to the family or stays at Villa San Giacomo throughout the year are usually stated at the time of admission. Any absence outside the attendance times would need to be explained and agreed upon. It is possible to anticipate the arrival in September and extend it in July depending on each individual’s academic commitments.
  2. From Monday to Thursday meals are usually shared (at least dinner, at 8 pm). Every day, residents participate in a prayer moment (such as the mass, recitation of some psalms, or about 15 minutes of personal meditation). All residents are present at Monday Mass at 7:30 pm and scheduled meetings (once a week after dinner).
  3. Students agree to attend their lessons and undertake their course requirements, maintain serious and continuous study, regularly carry out their required examinations, and assess their results by March 10 and August 10. To apply for the renewal of the scholarship, one must obtain 35/60 credits in year 1, 80/120 credits in year 2, 135/180 credits in year 3, 190 in year 4, and 245 in year 5.
  4. The kitchen requires reservations for meals, usually by 5 pm of the previous day. If you fail to eat the meals booked, resulting in food waste, you are required to pay the Residence € 5 for each meal that is not consumed by the middle of the following month.
  5. Everybody is expected to be available for small tasks within the house for the benefit of the whole community. Order, cleanliness, hygiene, respect for every environment of the house, and energy consumption are all necessary for daily life.
  6. Males and females occupy separate corridors and are not allowed access to the rooms of the opposite sex, be they partners, friends, or colleagues.
  7. In the corridors of the living areas, everybody is committed to keeping silent after 22:30.
  8. The presence in the house must be regularly registered on the appropriate form. Residents should be in the Residence by 24:00 from Sunday to Thursday and by 02:00 on Friday and Saturday nights.
  9. It is forbidden to duplicate personal keys or give access to the Residence to anyone.
  10. Smoking and the use of electrical or gas stoves in rooms are prohibited.
  11. Management does not take any responsibility for the personal items and valuables stored in rooms.
  12. The management can decide at any time the expulsion of students deemed unfit to stay because of moral conduct, insufficient academic commitment, or failure to comply with the commitments entered into.
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